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I have put together this site to help keep Jersey breeders up to date on the latest polled genetics. Click on the "Polled Bulls" link above to see the latest list of polled bulls available in the United States. If you are mobile, use the menu button at the top left.

There is also a discussion forum and a classifieds section. Both are free to use! I do ask that commercial interests should refrain from advertising in either section. I have intended for it to be "farmer to farmer" only. So if you have a polled bull, heifers, semen or embryos for sale, this would be a great place to list them!

If you scroll down on this page, you can read news about breeders and sales featuring polled genetics.

If you have any suggestions for this site, feel free to post them on the discussion board. If there is enough interest, I will try to include them in future updates. Thanks and enjoy!

Latest News

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Polled Heifer tops 2019 National Sale

Wetumpka Viceroy Java-P shattered previous records with a final bid of $103,000 at the 2019 National Heifer Sale. Consigned by Cheryl Carlson, Java-P is currently the #1 polled, non-bracketed, non-JX heifer in the USA. The price was the highest ever reported for a heifer calf in the breed's history. She was purchased by Matthew Steiner, Pine Tree Dairy, Marshallville, Ohio.


Fever-P is Highest Selling Bull in 2017

JX DUPAT FEVER {5}-P-ET was the high-selling bull for 2017. He was syndicated at the All American Jersey sale for $75,000. He was bred and consigned by Wickstrom Jersey Farms, Hilmar, Calif. He is polled, with positive DPR and health traits, along with being A2A2 tested. He will be sampled by Select Sires.


Slugger-P sets new record at All American

SLUGGER-P set a new all-time sales record at the 2015 All American Jersey Sale earlier selling $120,000 in shares! He is an Ahlem Nikon-P son out of a E-90%** "Dimension," followed by 3 more Excellent dams. He is the 5th generation polled in his pedigree. His dam is Kash-In Dimension 39428-P-ET (E-90%), sired by 7JE1149 DIMENSION. He will be sampled by Select Sires.


Daughter-Dam Polled Pair Sold Online

The 2015 JMS Holiday Spectacular Online Sale featured a daughter & dam pair of polled females, selling as separate lots. Consigned by Matthew Steiner of Marshallville, Ohio, the dam was originally purchased from Orthridge Jerseys, Lancaster, WI in the 2013 Iowa Spring Spectacular Sale. Lot 3 ($2475) is Pine-Tree Dominic Vashti-PP, born November 7, 2014. Her sire, Dutch Hollow Dominic-P, is out of a polled "Iatola" daughter whose own 3rd dam is the iconic Dutch Hollow B Masquerade-ET. Lot 26 ($2275) is Orthridge Valentino Vanna-P (dam of the above heifer). Fresh in November, her own MGD was born at Orthridge, carried in dam as the next dam came to Orthridge as part of their herd expansion in 2008. Dam of that purchased cow, Pearlmont Kirk Petite-P, (sired by Forest Glen Hallmark Kirk-P-ET) infused the polled trait onto this maternal line, bred by the Pearl family of Pearlmont Farm, Barnett, Vermont since the 1970's.


Polled Breeding Stock Investment Opportunities in Upcoming Jersey Sales

Prairieland Fall Production Sale, Saturday, October 25th, West Union, Iowa

Selling fresh and open is Lot 31 Suess Coamerica Savanah-P, E-92, an aged cow whose dam as a daughter of Dutch Hollow Berretta Choice-P (7JE395). The next dam is from the Avonlea herd, arising from their leading cow family that has produced generation after generation of long-lived cow, back to Fairy Raleigh Zana, Canadian lifetime production champion in the 1940's.

57th Pot of Gold Sale, Saturday, November 8th, Louisville, Kentucky

With only Junior-age Jersey breeders eligible to buy in this sale, and thus compete for the production contest awards on the first completed lactation of their purchases, lot 14 ($6,700) is Grammer Criticp Tracy-P, a daughter of Schultz Legal Critic-P (11JE1098). Selling with AI interest expressed by Jerseyland Sires, Liberty Jersey Sires, Accelerated Genetics, Semex and Genex, she is offered by Grammer Jersey Farm LLC of Sebring, Ohio. The consignment is the 6th generation to carry the Grammer prefix, coming forward from their 1990 purchase from the Lemmermen family's herd, Galloway, Ohio.

62nd All American Sale, Sunday, November 9th, Louisville, Kentucky

Lot 6 ($20,500) is first choice female by Ahlem Nikon-P (29JE3870) out of Hillview Headline Keylime-P, thus a potentially homozygous (-PP) calf. Seven pregnancies are due in December and January, with AI interest expressed by Jerseyland Sires, Semex, ABS Global, Liberty Jersey Sires, New England Jersey Sires and Accelerated Genetics. Maternal brother to the dam of this flush is Hillview Eclipse Key Lingo-PP (76JE171); the maternal line behind this consignment was bred in a series of New England Jersey herds, descending from a 1921 importation by Brampton Jerseys of Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Lot 7 ($10,000) is Faria Brothers Magnum Di Maria-P, noted as the #1 CM$ polled heifer in the breed, and #16 GJPI polled heifer in the breed. Selling open, with AI interest expressed by Semex, Genex, ABS Global, Liberty Jersey Sires and Accelerated Genetics, her dam is a daughter of Schultz Legal Critic-P (11JE1098).

Lot 15 ($14,400)is Pro-Hart Credibull Charmin-P-ET, selling open with AI interest expressed by Jerseyland Sires, Semex, Genex, ABS Global, Liberty Jersey Sires, New England Jersey Sires and Accelerated. Sired by Jer-Z-Boys Credibull-P-ET (11JE1164), she ranks 13th on the polled heifer GJPI list and was Reserve Junior Champion at the 2014 Michigan State Fair. Her dam is from the "Charity" line at Dutch Hollow, direct maternal descent from their well-known matriarch Dutch Hollow Pal Madam-P.

LOT 17 ($6,700) is KESSLERS CRITIQUE CC CALLIE-P, ranks 27th for heifers on the October polled GJPI list. Selling open with AI interest expressed by Liberty Jersey Sires. Sired by Jer-Z-Boys Critique-P-ET. Her dam ranks on the top 1.5% GJPI cow list for October.

Lot 23 ($10,500) is Ky-Hi Pharoah Peacefull-P-ET selling open, with AI interest expressed by Jerseyland Sires, Semex, Genex, Liberty Jersey Sires and Accelerated Genetics. Ranking 26th for polled heifers on the October GJPI list, her maternal grandsire is Den-Kel Jace Lovabull-P (1JE630). Bred in a series of New England herds, her dam arises from the same maternal line as the dam of J.S. Quicksilver Royal (8JE234), prominent AI sire of an earlier era.

Lot 27 ($6,600) is Kevetta Eclipes Victoria-P-ET, a bred heifer due in April. Sired by Maack Dairy Eclipes-P-ET (7JE860), her 3rd dam is Huronia Centurion Veronica 20J, E-97%, iconic brood cow with a lengthy list of show ring accomplishments


Polled Jersey Breeders Recognized During World Dairy Expo

Three breeders of polled Registered Jerseys were recognized for their accomplishments during World Dairy Expo, earlier this month in Madison, Wisconsin.

James S. Huffard III of Crockett, Virginia received the World Dairy Expo Dairyman of the Year award at the annual Dinner With The Stars on Wednesday evening, October 1st. Recognized for the effective breeding program he has directed at Huffard Dairy Farms since completing his B.S. degree in dairy science at Virginia Tech in 1975 and taking on a management role in his family's operation, he is noted as the breeder of Schultz Legal Critic-P, the most influential polled genomic young sire in Jersey breed history. His partnership with Dr. Joe Lineweaver in the Fairway Jerseys syndicate also brought the widespread influence of Adonis Dally of Ash-Go-P into the breed as an AI bull mother. Earlier bulls of breed-wide impact from the Huffard herd include Schultz Performing Legend and Schultz Brook Hallmark. Having served in every leadership role available from state to national levels in the Jersey breed, Huffard is presently the Vice-President of National All-Jersey (NAJ), having earlier served as President of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA). In recent years he has expanded his family's dairy enterprise by establishing Duchess Dairy, a partnership with two other nearby Registered Jersey breeders, where milk from these three herds is processed, to provide area families with milk and dairy products under the All-Jersey Queen of Quality label.

Dutch Hollow Farm LLC, Schodack Landing, New York, owned and operated by Paul and Melanie Chittenden and their sons Brian, Alan and Nathan, received the National Dairy Shrine Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder award during that organization's annual awards banquet on Thursday evening, October 2nd. Building on the legacy of breeding polled Registered Jerseys that began with Paul's parents Stanley & Jane Chittenden at Fair Weather Farms in New Lebanon, New York, today the Dutch Hollow prefix is readily recognized as a leader in providing polled Registered Jersey genetics, nationally and internationally. From the outset of founding Dutch Hollow in 1976, the family philosophy for a profitable dairy operation has been that "A cow was put on this earth for one reason to produce milk. She doesn't have to be ugly to do it and it is better if she is born without horns." Those who study Jersey pedigrees and track influential cow families recognize that the maternal sisters Dutch Hollow Lester Mischief-P-ET and Dutch Hollow S Joe Mistress-P were pivotal cows in propagating the polled influence breed-wide, with "Lester Mischief-P-ET" being the dam of several influential polled bulls in AI service, as well as having daughters and maternal granddaughters who became successful AI bull mothers, while a daughter of "S Joe Mistress-P", Dutch Hollow Barber Milady-P-ET, became the founding matriarch for the polled influence at Den-Kel Jerseys, from which numerous prominent polled Registered Jersey bulls have appeared on the Active AI list. The Chittenden family has long been active in leadership roles within the US dairy industry and the Jersey breed, starting with Stanley (Paul's father) serving as AJCC Director and President. Paul also served in both roles, and Alan (the third generation) is now serving his first term on the AJCA Board of Directors. The latest dairy industry innovation pioneered at Dutch Hollow is the Dutch Hollow Education Center, established in 2011. Building on her background as a teacher, Beth (Brian's wife) manages this operation, where pre-school and elementary school students take part in hands-on activities that were developed to support the New York state education curriculum standards in science and math.

Amanda Stiles Lutz, Her-Man Jerseys, Chester, South Carolina was recognized during the National Dairy Shrine Awards Banquet as the small herd size (under 300 cows) recipient of the Progressive Dairy Manager grant, an educational travel award designed to encourage young dairy producers to attend structured events that will broaden their outlook in pursuing opportunities for developing more profitable dairy operations. Establishing their herd by combining the animals that Amanda and her husband had each accumulated during their respective years of participation in Jersey Youth activities, she manages and operates the herd while he is employed full-time in the AI industry on the national level. The most influential polled Registered Jersey bull bred to date in this herd is Her-Man Eclipes Master-P, available as a genomic young sire and being used as a "sire father" for AI sons. As a direct maternal descendant of the iconic Tenn Haug E Maid, his dam came to the Her-Man herd as an investment in genetic merchandising, and was bred to a prominent polled bull to capitalize on the interest in polled genetics, producing "Master-P". Amanda's track record of involvement in state and national Jersey and general agricultural organization activities was also cited in her selection for this award, noting that she is President of the South Carolina Jersey Cattle Association, is active in the South Carolina Young Farmers organization, and has chaired the AJCA National Jersey Jug Futurity Committee.


Ohio 2014 Fall Production Sale to feature 5 polled

Saturday, October 18, 2014 Wooster, Ohio. There are 5 polled animals listed in the sale. Catalog available at Ohio 2014 Fall Production Sale


Polled heifer tops AJCA National Heifer Sale (June 29, 2013)

Lot #29, Cat-Mart Critic Perie 5958-P, was the top seller at the 2013 AJCA National Heifer Sale with a whopping $26,000 final bid. Lot#36, Last Chance Critic Maytag-P, sold for $6100. Lot #40, Hillview Louie Katiki-P, sold for $7750. Polled Jerseys are definately in demand.


Four Polled Genetic Opportunities in AJCA National Heifer Sale (June 29, 2013)

The highlights of the 2013 AJCA National Heifer Sale, presented by co-chairmen John Boer and Alex Steer in the sale catalog, note the presence of polled genetics in this offering of genomic-tested heifers, and remind breeders that funds raised by this annual event support the many youth program activities for Jersey juniors managed by AJCA. Three polled heifers are selling, and one additional heifer in the sale is confirmed pregnant to a polled bull. In lot number order, these four consignments are:

Lot 29 Cal-Mart Critic Perie 5958-P, JH1F, GJPI 244, is ranked #1 on the AJCA GJPI Polled Females list for June 2013. Born in September 2012, she sells open, with AI interest from four different AI organizations. Her dam's maternal cow family has been bred at Cal-Mart for the past twenty years, building on a purchase from the Beachy herd in Kansas, where the direct maternal line had been bred since at least the 1950's. Sired by Schultz Legal Critic-P, she is consigned by Martin Dairy LLC of Tillamook, Oregon 503.815.3560.

Lot 36 Last Chance Critic Maytag-P-ET, JH1F, GJPI 179 sells carrying an AI contract with Jerseyland Sires and AI interest expressed by four additional AI organizations. Her full brother Last Chance Critic Mayday-ET is available from Alta Genetics. Her dam's cow family came to the herd of her consignor from the Da-Vew herd of Maribel, Wisconsin in the past decade; having been bred in Wisconsin and Illinois herds as far back as the 1950's. Sired by Schultz Legal Critic-P, she is consigned by Bob & Darlene Winter of Chetek, Wisconsin 715.458.3843.

Lot 40 - Hillview Louie Katiki-P, JH1F, GJPI 186 ranks 26th in the nation on the AJCA GJPI Polled Females List for June 2013; her dam is the highest-ranked milking female on that list. "Katiki-P" sells carrying an AI contract with Jerseyland Sires and AI interest expressed by five additional AI organizations. Her dam was bred in the Hillview herd, with the next dam back having been acquired from a breeder in Massachusetts; the cow family traces its direct maternal lineage in New England herds back to the 1950's. Sired by Tollenaars Impuls Louie 260-ET, she is consigned by Chris & Cheryl Sorenson of Hillview Farms, Pine River, Wisconsin 920.987.5495.

Lot 56 Orth-Berrys Impuls Dahlia, JH1F, GJPI 179 sells confirmed pregnant to Her-Man Eclipes Master-P, JH1F (7JE1203), with AI interest expressed by Semex. Consigned to this sale by the Berry College Orthridge Farms partnership, her dam's direct maternal line has been bred in the Berry College herd for nine bovine generations, arising from a purchase at the Blanton Farms Dispersal in 1971. The direct maternal lineage was bred at Blanton Farms, Shelby, North Carolina back to the late 1950's, when it came to that herd from the herd of Ray Mayne, Washington, North Carolina, in whose ownership the line had been bred since 1918. She is sired by ISDK Q Impuls. Interested parties should contact Derek Orth of Orthridge Jerseys, Lancaster, Wisconsin 608.778.9049.


Polled 1st Calf Heifer is 2nd High Seller at Prairieland Production Sale

The Prairieland Production Sale, conducted by Jersey Marketing Service (JMS) on June 7th at the Fayette County Fairgrounds in West Union, Iowa included several polled consignments. Second-high seller at $2100 was Lot 100, Pennsota Eclipes 1361-P. A daughter of Maack Dairy Eclipes-P-ET, (7JE860), she sold six weeks fresh on her first lactation. Her dam is Pennsota Dallas 1230-P, a daughter of Fairway Mygent Dallas-PP (7JE953).

Purchased by Orthridge Jerseys of Lancaster, Wisconsin, she was scored VG-86% during their regular AJCA Type Appraisal one week later, after joining their herd. Derek Orth explains that she attracted his attention as a potentially homozygous polled female from which to develop a new polled cow family in their herd; he plans to genomically test her, including the add-on test for homozygous polled.

At Orthridge they are milking half a dozen polled females, with some ten polled heifers of all ages coming on. Their most prominent polled cow to date is Rudgers Lovabull Daisy-P, E90%, purchased as a bred heifer when the Orth family was expanding their herd in 2008. Under their management she has become the dam of three polled bulls available in AI, each by a different sire:

Orthridge Da Bomb-P-ET (200JE212) sired by Tollenaars Impuls Legal 233-ET (29JE3506)

Orthridge Demolition-P (1JE765) sired by Cave Creek Vermeer-ET (1JE666)

Orthridge Dragon-P-ET (1JE799) sired by Schultz Rescue Headline (29JE3510)

Orthridge I Legal Desert Rose-P-ET a daughter of "Daisy-P" is the dam of Orthridge High Five-P (200JE231). Sired by PF Lennox Hendrix (1JE768) and born in September 2012, he is projected for semen release later this year as a genomic young sire.

Orthridge has also been offering well-received polled females in consignment sales, most recently the Iowa Spring Extravaganza Sale on March 23 rd. Orthridge Valentino Vanna-P was the 2nd high selling Jersey that day, at $5,500 (this sale includes both Jerseys and Ayrshires, an annual joint venture of the two breed state organizations in Iowa). At the time of the sale "Vanna-P" was the highest-ranked GJPI polled daughter of her sire (All Lynns Louie Valentino-ET, 7E1038), and was confirmed pregnant to Orthridge Da Bomb-P (200JE212) for an October due date.

Polled Jerseys. Dehorned at conception!