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Polled heifer tops AJCA National Heifer Sale (June 29, 2013)

Lot #29, Cat-Mart Critic Perie 5958-P, was the top seller at the 2013 AJCA National Heifer Sale with a whopping $26,000 final bid. Lot#36, Last Chance Critic Maytag-P, sold for $6100. Lot #40, Hillview Louie Katiki-P, sold for $7750. Polled Jerseys are definately in demand.



Four Polled Genetic Opportunities in AJCA National Heifer Sale (June 29, 2013)

The highlights of the 2013 AJCA National Heifer Sale, presented by co-chairmen John Boer and Alex Steer in the sale catalog, note the presence of polled genetics in this offering of genomic-tested heifers, and remind breeders that funds raised by this annual event support the many youth program activities for Jersey juniors managed by AJCA. Three polled heifers are selling, and one additional heifer in the sale is confirmed pregnant to a polled bull. In lot number order, these four consignments are:

Lot 29 – Cal-Mart Critic Perie 5958-P, JH1F, GJPI 244, is ranked #1 on the AJCA GJPI Polled Females list for June 2013. Born in September 2012, she sells open, with AI interest from four different AI organizations. Her dam’s maternal cow family has been bred at Cal-Mart for the past twenty years, building on a purchase from the Beachy herd in Kansas, where the direct maternal line had been bred since at least the 1950’s. Sired by Schultz Legal Critic-P, she is consigned by Martin Dairy LLC of Tillamook, Oregon – 503.815.3560.

Lot 36 – Last Chance Critic Maytag-P-ET, JH1F, GJPI 179 sells carrying an AI contract with Jerseyland Sires and AI interest expressed by four additional AI organizations. Her full brother Last Chance Critic Mayday-ET is available from Alta Genetics. Her dam’s cow family came to the herd of her consignor from the Da-Vew herd of Maribel, Wisconsin in the past decade; having been bred in Wisconsin and Illinois herds as far back as the 1950’s. Sired by Schultz Legal Critic-P, she is consigned by Bob & Darlene Winter of Chetek, Wisconsin – 715.458.3843.

Lot 40 - Hillview Louie Katiki-P, JH1F, GJPI 186 ranks 26th in the nation on the AJCA GJPI Polled Females List for June 2013; her dam is the highest-ranked milking female on that list. “Katiki-P” sells carrying an AI contract with Jerseyland Sires and AI interest expressed by five additional AI organizations. Her dam was bred in the Hillview herd, with the next dam back having been acquired from a breeder in Massachusetts; the cow family traces its direct maternal lineage in New England herds back to the 1950’s. Sired by Tollenaars Impuls Louie 260-ET, she is consigned by Chris & Cheryl Sorenson of Hillview Farms, Pine River, Wisconsin – 920.987.5495.

Lot 56 – Orth-Berrys Impuls Dahlia, JH1F, GJPI 179 sells confirmed pregnant to Her-Man Eclipes Master-P, JH1F (7JE1203), with AI interest expressed by Semex. Consigned to this sale by the Berry College – Orthridge Farms partnership, her dam’s direct maternal line has been bred in the Berry College herd for nine bovine generations, arising from a purchase at the Blanton Farms Dispersal in 1971. The direct maternal lineage was bred at Blanton Farms, Shelby, North Carolina back to the late 1950’s, when it came to that herd from the herd of Ray Mayne, Washington, North Carolina, in whose ownership the line had been bred since 1918. She is sired by ISDK Q Impuls. Interested parties should contact Derek Orth of Orthridge Jerseys, Lancaster, Wisconsin – 608.778.9049.


Polled 1st Calf Heifer is 2nd High Seller at Prairieland Production Sale

The Prairieland Production Sale, conducted by Jersey Marketing Service (JMS) on June 7th at the Fayette County Fairgrounds in West Union, Iowa included several polled consignments. Second-high seller – at $2100 – was Lot 100, Pennsota Eclipes 1361-P. A daughter of Maack Dairy Eclipes-P-ET, (7JE860), she sold six weeks fresh on her first lactation. Her dam is Pennsota Dallas 1230-P, a daughter of Fairway Mygent Dallas-PP (7JE953).

Purchased by Orthridge Jerseys of Lancaster, Wisconsin, she was scored VG-86% during their regular AJCA Type Appraisal one week later, after joining their herd. Derek Orth explains that she attracted his attention as a potentially homozygous polled female from which to develop a new polled cow family in their herd; he plans to genomically test her, including the add-on test for homozygous polled.

At Orthridge they are milking half a dozen polled females, with some ten polled heifers of all ages coming on. Their most prominent polled cow to date is Rudgers Lovabull Daisy-P, E90%, purchased as a bred heifer when the Orth family was expanding their herd in 2008. Under their management she has become the dam of three polled bulls available in AI, each by a different sire:

§ Orthridge Da Bomb-P-ET (200JE212) – sired by Tollenaars Impuls Legal 233-ET (29JE3506)

§ Orthridge Demolition-P (1JE765) – sired by Cave Creek Vermeer-ET (1JE666)

§ Orthridge Dragon-P-ET (1JE799) – sired by Schultz Rescue Headline (29JE3510)

Orthridge I Legal Desert Rose-P-ET – a daughter of “Daisy-P” – is the dam of Orthridge High Five-P (200JE231). Sired by PF Lennox Hendrix (1JE768) and born in September 2012, he is projected for semen release later this year as a genomic young sire.

Orthridge has also been offering well-received polled females in consignment sales, most recently the Iowa Spring Extravaganza Sale on March 23 rd. Orthridge Valentino Vanna-P was the 2nd high selling Jersey that day, at $5,500 (this sale includes both Jerseys and Ayrshires, an annual joint venture of the two breed state organizations in Iowa). At the time of the sale “Vanna-P” was the highest-ranked GJPI polled daughter of her sire (All Lynns Louie Valentino-ET, 7E1038), and was confirmed pregnant to Orthridge Da Bomb-P (200JE212) for an October due date.

Additional information about the polled Jerseys being developed in the Orthridge herd, including young polled bulls on hand, is available from Derek Orth: 608.778.9049 (cell phone) or by email dereksjerseys@gmail.com


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